26 November 2013
Fisheries Service to Protect Whales and Dolphins From Navy Sonar in Pacific Northwest

The US National Marine Fisheries Service has eight months to issue a new plan to protect thousands of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions from ocean noise and other threats generated by U.S. Navy warfare training exercises in waters ranging from Northern California to Canada.

03 September 2013
ASCOBANS Advisory Committee Addresses Key Threats to Small Cetaceans

Three intense meeting days reviewing progress made in the implementation of the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas (ASCOBANS) came to a successful conclusion on 29 August

20 July 2013
Establishing medium-term implementation priorities for the Pacific Cetaceans MoU

The Pacific Cetaceans MoU 3rd Meeting of the Signatories, held in Noumea (8th September) 2012 was pleased that the agenda developed under the regional Whale and Dolphin Action Plan (WDAP) was both ambitious and comprehensive, and represented a solid regional foundation for moving forward. Signatories agreed that establishing medium-term implementation priorities would help prioritize the WDAP work areas; assist partners identify where resource is most urgently needed; and provide a tangible means of measuring collective progress. At the same time Signatories also wished to provide input relevant for the implementation of the CMS Global Programme of Work for Cetaceans and the CMS Scientific Council review of the Concerted and Cooperative Action Species.

24 May 2013
Lui Bell Post-Graduate Scholarship for Marine Species Conservation

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme proposes to establish the Lui Bell Post-Graduate Scholarship for Marine Species Conservation to honour the life and work of Lui Bell and his commitment to conservation of Pacific marine species.

21 February 2013
Vanuatu Signs Sharks agreement

The Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) has announced that Vanuatu has joined the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks (Sharks MoU) as its 26th Signatory. Vanuatu signed the MoU in the Philippines on 19 February 2013.

20 January 2013
Twenty-Six Countries Meet to Progress Sea Cow and Seagrass Conservation

Manila, Philippines, 20 February 2013 - The Second Signatory State Meeting for the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Dugongs and their Habitats throughout their Range (Dugong MOU) was hosted by the Government of the Philippines on 19 and 20 February in Manila, Philippines. The Dugong MOU was concluded in 2007 under the auspices of the UNEP Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals to protect an endangered sea cow species. The Dugong MOU Secretariat coordinates support for international efforts to conserve dugongs and seagrasses from the UNEP/CMS Abu Dhabi Office which is hosted by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD), on behalf of the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

12 February 2013
NOAA and CMS Renew their Agreement to Cooperate in the Conservation of Marine Migratory Species

The United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Department of Commerce/NOAA) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) have signed a renewed Letter of Cooperation (LOC) aimed at continuing collaboration in the conservation and management of migratory marine species and their habitats. Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator, and Bert Lenten, CMS Deputy Executive Secretary and Officer in Charge, signed the Letter at the United States Embassy in London, United Kingdom, on 12 February 2013. Shannon Dionne and Alexis Gutierrez, NOAA officers involved in development of the LOC were also present at the signing.

07 February 2013
The Micronesia Challenge and the Tafunsak Marine Protected Area Project in Kosrae

The Micronesia Challenge is highlighting recent support for the Awareness Campaign for Sustainable Management of the Tafunsak Marine Protected Area Project in Kosrae, and spotlights the outcomes of a Micronesian Challenge Communications workshop, which convened in Guam.

30 January 2013
IPBES takes big steps for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

A new international science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystems, set up to assist governments and citizens to better understand the state, trends and challenges facing the natural world and humanity in the 21st century, has now put in place many of the administrative and staffing structures needed to implement its important work.

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