Pacific Cetaceans MoU Membership


Countries and Territories that are Signatories to the Pacific Cetaceans MoU are:

Australia (15th September 2006)
Cook Islands (15th September 2006)
Federated States of Micronesia (15th September 2006)
Fiji (15th September 2006)
France for its Pacific Territories - New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna (15th September 2006)
New Zealand (15th September 2006)
Niue (15th September 2006)
Papua New Guinea (6th March 2007)
Pitcairn Islands (28th July 2009)
Samoa (15th September 2006)
Solomon Islands (6th March 2007)
Tonga (9th September 2010)
Tuvalu (9th September 2010)
United States of America (29th September 2012)
Vanuatu (15th September 2006)

Collaborating Organisations that are Signatories to the Pacific Cetaceans MoU are:

CMS (15th September 2006)
IFAW (15th September 2006)
SPREP (15th September 2006)
SPWRC (28th July 2009)
WDC (15th September 2006)
Whales Alive (28th July 2009)
WWF (6th March 2007)
Pacific MOU signatories

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